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(edit) @198   10 years Maciej Komosinski Hashing function for strings
(edit) @197   10 years Maciej Komosinski GDK used by developers since 1999, distributed on the web since 2002
(edit) @196   10 years Maciej Komosinski Updated f4 sources and made f4 available for GDK demo apps
(edit) @195   10 years Maciej Komosinski GenoFX library has become an integral part of GDK in the previous commit
(edit) @194   10 years Maciej Komosinski Updated sources of the fT (ATGC sequences) genetic operators - useful …
(edit) @193   10 years Maciej Komosinski Set svn:eol-style native for all textual files
(edit) @192   10 years Maciej Komosinski Removed unnecessary svn:executable property
(edit) @191   10 years rgolebiewski Added geometry module: calculates model surface area, volume and sizes.
(edit) @187   10 years sz all text files should have svn:eol-style=native
(edit) @186   10 years sz slightly more modular makefile (separate variables for genetic …
(edit) @185   10 years Maciej Komosinski Avoid "atan2: domain error"
(edit) @183   10 years Maciej Komosinski Improved handling of model properties
(edit) @182   10 years Maciej Komosinski Don't warn at type mismatch in collection conversions
(edit) @181   10 years Maciej Komosinski Cosmetic change in order
(edit) @180   10 years Maciej Komosinski Remove fixed length buffers
(edit) @179   10 years Maciej Komosinski Separate file with version number
(edit) @178   10 years Maciej Komosinski Changed cryptic double[4] into a meaningful struct
(edit) @177   10 years Maciej Komosinski Optimizations and simplifications
(edit) @176   10 years Maciej Komosinski Renamed #defines that conflicted with system-wide defines for Windows …
(edit) @175   10 years Maciej Komosinski Undo unnecessary svn:ignore property
(edit) @174   10 years oriona Chambers in Foraminifera grow so that the length of the local …
(edit) @171   10 years sz getObjectTarget is now the recommended way to retrieve object from …
(edit) @170   10 years sz removed the confusing SList operator!()
(edit) @168   10 years sz reformatting
(edit) @167   10 years sz win32: add more randomness from uuid
(edit) @166   10 years sz Iterating a copy of callback list allows to modify the original while …
(edit) @165   10 years sz Model object does not enforce p.m when new style shape is used
(edit) @164   10 years sz null value handling in Dictionary serialization/toString
(edit) @163   10 years sz Framscript grammar files
(edit) @162   10 years sz NeuroSymbol?.size explained [closes #36]
(edit) @158   10 years sz genetics: warn if properties cannot be mixed because of incompatible types
(edit) @157   10 years sz f9 and Ff converters can now detect an invalid input genotype and …
(edit) @156   10 years sz type description corrected (only relevant for scripting/reflection)
(edit) @155   10 years sz Pt3D: allCoordsLowerThan()/HigherThan?() functions instead of the …
(edit) @154   10 years sz reformatting, english translation
(edit) @153   10 years sz SList container iteration: FOREACH() macro now creates local variable …
(edit) @152   10 years sz starting with 4.0rc7, the "part_shapes" visual style (theater and GUI) …
(edit) @151   10 years sz (c) header added
(edit) @150   10 years sz Warn against missing converter, convert() caller can differentiate …
(edit) @148   10 years Maciej Komosinski Updated descriptions of directory contents
(edit) @147   10 years sz This sample code may be useful for people reimplementing the standard …
(edit) @146   10 years sz oops, forgot to include oper_fx.cpp in the previous Genetics update
(edit) @145   10 years sz Genetics reorganization (affects ALL applications!): - …
(edit) @144   10 years sz Param and ExtValue? improvements (better control on conversions, "load" …
(edit) @141   10 years sz Improved genotype validation in geno_test and genooper_test (using …
(edit) @140   10 years sz introducing the Foraminifera encoding (format 'F')
(edit) @139   10 years sz class renaming + minor corrections
(edit) @138   10 years sz genetic operator example - frams/_demos/genooper_test.cpp
(edit) @137   10 years sz added (c) headers
(edit) @136   10 years Maciej Komosinski renamed conv_test => genoconv_test
(edit) @135   10 years sz neuron layout algorithm (for schematic drawing), usage example in …
(edit) @131   10 years Maciej Komosinski a better way to save/restore a preprocessor macro, unfortunately not a …
(edit) @130   10 years Maciej Komosinski added a comment about supported platforms
(edit) @129   10 years sz conv_test now uses the DefaultGenoConvManager? which automatically …
(edit) @128   10 years sz warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to char*
(edit) @127   10 years sz bug fixed: all param items having GETONLY accessor must also have …
(edit) @126   10 years sz minor corrections
(edit) @125   10 years sz f9: APPLY_DETERMINISTIC_BODY_NOISE enabled by default
(edit) @124   10 years sz Param::save altname argument is now more convenient const char*
(edit) @123   10 years sz Cygwin compatibility
(edit) @122   10 years sz (c)opyright information added
(edit) @121   10 years sz updated file headers and makefiles
(edit) @120   10 years Maciej Komosinski added sources of the f9->f0 genetic converter
(edit) @119   10 years Maciej Komosinski reorganization of genetic sources (makefiles not updated yet)
(edit) @115   10 years sz loader_test can now extract raw genotype from a Framsticks file …
(edit) @114   10 years sz improved/bug fixed: delta joint mode (in f0 genotypes) is now …
(edit) @113   10 years sz some compilers don't like functions called 'include()'
(edit) @112   10 years sz removed weird };
(edit) @111   10 years sz missing directories (affects make clean)
(edit) @110   10 years Maciej Komosinski reorganization of sources
(edit) @109   10 years sz source reorganization (see README) new feature added: part/joint …
(edit) @104   11 years sz introducing object de/serialization - see serialtest.cpp the core GDK …
(edit) @95   11 years sz muscles encoded in a "new" way in f1 genotypes now behave as in "old" …
(edit) @94   11 years sz fixed model.def double Model appearance
(edit) @93   11 years Maciej Komosinski every param.set(value) produces a helpful warning when the "value" …
(edit) @92   11 years Maciej Komosinski SString::valueOf(value) can handle more argument types
(edit) @91   11 years Maciej Komosinski better and simpler memory management (allocation/deallocation); …
(edit) @89   11 years sz all test applications are compilable again
(edit) @83   11 years Maciej Komosinski f0 genotype to test f0 parsers, and a useful fullprops.cpp program …
(edit) @82   11 years Maciej Komosinski compiles under more platforms and OSes
(edit) @81   11 years Maciej Komosinski improved parsing of properties (e.g. in f0 genotypes)
(edit) @80   11 years Maciej Komosinski - new properties in Parts and Joints: visual red, green, blue, …
(edit) @74   13 years Maciej Komosinski improved documentation, compilation, and precision of numbers parsed
(edit) @73   13 years Maciej Komosinski a genotype can be passed as a parameter
(edit) @72   13 years Maciej Komosinski neural noise parameter in neurons
(edit) @71   13 years sz optional external validators for Geno
(edit) @70   13 years Maciej Komosinski compiles under vs2008
(edit) @69   13 years sz removed unnecessary files. all GDK samples can be built again …
(edit) @68   13 years Maciej Komosinski added missing sources; updated sources for compatibility with vs2008 …
(edit) @66   13 years Maciej Komosinski set 'eol-style' to 'native'
(edit) @64   13 years Maciej Komosinski a lot of minor fixes
(edit) @45   15 years mwajcht Added ignoring of \r while parsing input. Grammar change: at least one …
(edit) @41   15 years Maciej Komosinski updated name of the converter
(edit) @40   15 years Maciej Komosinski fixed memory leak and commented out an extra condition
(edit) @39   15 years Maciej Komosinski updated the set of simple commands
(edit) @38   15 years mwajcht Added lexer and scanner sources as well Makefile which builds them
(edit) @36   15 years Maciej Komosinski adding the only f8 converter parameter to the list of simulator parameters
(edit) @35   15 years Maciej Komosinski simple productions are now more complete, and stored once, in a …
(edit) @34   15 years Maciej Komosinski very simple syntax coloring
(edit) @33   15 years Maciej Komosinski maximal f1 genotype length published as the f8->f1 converter parameter
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