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(edit) @1263   12 months sz update test results
(edit) @1175   2 years oriona Updated tests results for r1173 and r1174.
(edit) @1159   3 years oriona Updated evolution test results after changes from r1157
(edit) @1143   3 years sz update test results, mostly because of r1142 (rgb defaults change)
(edit) @1069   3 years sz sdk tests updated (similarity)
(edit) @1068   3 years sz sdk tests updated (resize)
(edit) @1067   3 years sz sdk tests updated (remove Part.vs)
(edit) @1044   4 years oriona Similarity measures code refactored. Distribution-based similarity …
(edit) @1035   4 years Maciej Komosinski Added a demo program to scale a Model and a simple test
(edit) @1034   4 years sz test results updated
(edit) @1033   4 years Maciej Komosinski Updated test results after changes to evol_test and fS
(edit) @1015   4 years sz test updates: - geno_test(.no_exe) - linux variants added because of …
(edit) @1009   4 years Maciej Komosinski Added tests for most SDK demo programs
(edit) @992   4 years oriona Test genotypes updated.
(edit) @984   4 years Maciej Komosinski Moved similarity unit tests so that it is the first test in sequence
(edit) @983   4 years oriona Similarity unit tests added.
(edit) @982   4 years oriona Geometry goals corrected.
(edit) @923   4 years sz updated test results for 'fullprops' (caused by the new hinge …
(edit) @902   4 years sz corrected f1 geometry goal (incorrect because of the solid shapes …
(edit) @901   4 years sz corrected test goals filenames
(edit) @894   5 years oriona Test goals for new (hungarian) similarity measures added.
(edit) @893   5 years oriona Similarity modified and expanded to include both old (greedy) and new …
(edit) @828   6 years oriona Geometry and similarity goals updated.
(edit) @819   6 years oriona Similarity test goals updated.
(edit) @816   6 years oriona Geometry test's goal updated.
(edit) @814   6 years Maciej Komosinski Passes all arguments (if any) to python tester
(edit) @813   6 years Maciej Komosinski Improved the script that runs unit tests
(edit) @812   6 years oriona F1 genotype test added to geometry tests. Command line argument …
(edit) @811   6 years oriona Tests for geometry and similarity added [fixes #52]
(add) @798   6 years sz unit testing infrastructure + few example tests for the Framsticks SDK
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