03:39 Changeset [610] by Maciej Komosinski
- Introduced levels of checking the validity of a Model - If a Joint is too long, print how much it exceeds the maximum allowed length


00:06 Changeset [609] by Maciej Komosinski
Labels can have colors dependent on label text


17:01 Changeset [608] by Maciej Komosinski
Displays the fraction of variance preserved after MDS
16:39 Changeset [607] by Maciej Komosinski
Updated for new format of dissimilarity matrix (with the optional two extra columns on the left, compatible with Framsticks CLI and GUI)


17:42 Changeset [606] by Maciej Komosinski
Code formatting
17:39 Changeset [605] by Maciej Komosinski
- Added 'fixedZaxis' option to paramtab (so that it is accessible from scripts) - Variable renames, improvements in comments
17:08 Changeset [604] by Maciej Komosinski
Made the amount of jitter a continuous, adjustable parameter


18:34 Changeset [603] by oriona
Integer command line arguments converted to ints in main call.
17:00 Changeset [602] by Maciej Komosinski
- More flexible reading of distance matrices from files - Can also read labels for individual points and display them
15:19 Changeset [601] by oriona
Possibility of fixing z axis during the alignment added.
15:04 Changeset [600] by oriona
Number of returned dimensions set to minimum of desired number and the number returned by mds.


17:48 Changeset [599] by oriona
Function for computing variances removed.
17:44 Changeset [598] by oriona
MDS algorithm changed to cmdscale. Coordinates export to file added.


03:54 Changeset [597] by Maciej Komosinski
No longer ignores "jitter" and "outname" parameters
03:52 Changeset [596] by Maciej Komosinski
Uncomment to make it work with no graphical backend


21:28 Changeset [595] by oriona
Rotation of creatures in z axis changed to random. LocalDrive? usage replaced by drive.
18:13 Changeset [594] by konrad
Fixed drawing the spine and the skeleton for the tree-genealogy.py


15:07 Changeset [593] by Maciej Komosinski
Added the missing visual style declaration for foraminifera creatures
01:47 Changeset [592] by Maciej Komosinski
More meaningful variable names
01:43 Changeset [591] by Maciej Komosinski
Added a comment
01:26 Changeset [590] by oriona
Feed period changed to food flux in grams per square meter per second. Theater parameters updated.


17:27 Ticket #54 (ModelGeometry and fF: fix conv_fF and scale<1 and find_hole==-1) created by Maciej Komosinski
- investigate and understand the find_hole() function in fF - discover …


23:59 Changeset [589] by konrad
Fixed dark lines inside lines in tree-genealogy.py
11:35 Changeset [588] by oriona
Movement of forams in z axis restricted.
00:27 Changeset [587] by oriona
Enhanced nutrient visualization corrected.


22:01 Changeset [586] by konrad
Tiny refactoring of tree-genealogy.py
21:58 Changeset [585] by konrad
Added an option for defining colors of crossover / mutation lines from the command line
21:37 Changeset [584] by oriona
Positions of foraminifera, reticulopodia and nutrients corrected.
15:35 Changeset [583] by oriona
Chamber growth visualization moved to the separate function.
14:41 Changeset [582] by Maciej Komosinski
Added comments and TODOs
14:09 Changeset [581] by Maciej Komosinski
Brighter colors
12:30 Changeset [580] by oriona
Vertical position of enhanced visualization of nutrient lowered.
12:15 Changeset [579] by oriona
Vertical position of foraminifera lowered. Color of body and reticulopodia unified.


21:29 Changeset [578] by sz
object creation and removal is now reflected in the blender scene view (using the "hide" property keyframes)
19:38 Changeset [577] by konrad
Supporting coloring edges and nodes by type, scalable dots
18:30 Changeset [576] by konrad
Simple scale
01:09 Changeset [575] by Maciej Komosinski
When the last chamber is growing, make it gray and add extra information in its "i" field
01:08 Changeset [574] by Maciej Komosinski
More strict validation of numeric type definitions: min without max is now invalid. More code is now reused.


22:49 Changeset [573] by oriona
Inherited entry for cross-over corrected.
20:13 Changeset [572] by konrad
Added crossover and support for Inheritance table (but the table itself is not used currently, we are assuming Inheritance = 1!)
16:10 Changeset [571] by konrad
Additional options in tree-genealogy.py, dots and jitter
01:00 Changeset [570] by Maciej Komosinski
Improved help message
00:49 Changeset [569] by oriona
Chamber growth visualization time extended. Nutrient energy corrected.


17:02 Changeset [568] by oriona
Used secPerStep values added in help, setPerStep in show set to 50.
15:05 Changeset [567] by oriona
Chamber growth visualization added, [OFFSPRING] message added, refactoring.


02:16 Changeset [566] by konrad
Added REAL time option for tree-genealogy.py, renamed previous REAL time to BIRTHS time
01:27 Changeset [565] by oriona
Script for plotting results of the MDS added.
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.