18:52 Changeset [541] by oriona
Division by 0.0 for a single ellipsoid fixed [closes #42]. Sampling the same point twice fixed.
18:34 Changeset [540] by oriona
Meshbuilder.cpp added.
18:20 Ticket #42 (ModelGeometry division by 0.0 for a single ellipsoid shape) closed by oriona
fixed: In 539: […]
18:20 Changeset [539] by oriona
Division by 0.0 for a single ellipsoid fixed [closes #42]. Sampling the same point twice fixed.


13:50 Changeset [538] by Maciej Komosinski
Value of the assignment statement is now consistently the assigned value. Previously it was the value returned from set() (in cases where set() is used and the assigned expression is not a constant). Interestingly, Dictionary.set() returns the "before" value for the given key, and this created the delayed "assignment propagation" effect.
13:45 Changeset [537] by Maciej Komosinski
ExpParams? -> ExpProperties? (compatibility with v5.x)


14:57 Changeset [536] by Maciej Komosinski
"Shaped" models use the same p.mass calculation as "old" models (influences simulation stability)
14:57 Changeset [535] by Maciej Komosinski
- More strict type description checking when adding a property in mutableparam - Error message when the param property could not be added for some reason
01:17 Changeset [534] by Maciej Komosinski
Renamed: get/setGene -> get/setGenes, setGeneOnly -> setGenesAssumingSameFormat


18:12 Changeset [533] by Maciej Komosinski
- Improved error message on superfluous param values - Don't call flags(i) for illegal i
18:11 Changeset [532] by Maciej Komosinski
A new set of getStyle/getFullStyle functions in GenMan? and cosmetic rename of other functions (first letter lowercase)


04:37 Changeset [531] by sz
updated to the most recent Framsticks source (Part.m removed, Creature.numconnections added, Geno/Genotype?.format is now string)
04:16 Changeset [530] by Maciej Komosinski
Strict parsing of genotype format prefix
04:15 Changeset [529] by Maciej Komosinski
\r can be optionally removed while loading
04:14 Changeset [528] by Maciej Komosinski
- Part.m removed - Part.h becomes XPROP - validate more part and joint properties in Model.internalcheck()
04:12 Changeset [527] by Maciej Komosinski
Print mappings of models
04:12 Changeset [526] by Maciej Komosinski
Geno::toString() renamed to Geno::getGeneAndFormat()


14:53 Changeset [525] by oriona
Adjustment of reticulopodia position for initial forams added.


20:31 Changeset [524] by oriona
Visual style for nutrient added. Help for ExpProperties?.secPerStep added.


17:36 Changeset [523] by Maciej Komosinski
No more overloading of fopen/fclose/... functions for the VirtFILE class. #define VIRTFILE_OVERLOADING to enable overloading only when necessary.
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