01:19 Changeset [478] by Maciej Komosinski
Accessing const objects, short -> paInt, less critical messages when not necessary, accessing dictionaries with "->"
01:17 Changeset [477] by Maciej Komosinski
"const" keyword, detecting variable name clashes, error on iterating null, "->" notation for dictionaries


02:45 Changeset [476] by sz
- use arrow syntax (dict->key instead of dictkey?) - use creature/genotype.data instead of user1/2/3 (user1=>genes, user2->lifeparams, user3=reticulopodiacreature)
01:20 Changeset [475] by oriona
Energy calculated as a volume of the sphere. Energy usage calculated as a percent of current energy.


00:13 Changeset [474] by oriona
Parameters for time scaling added.
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