17:53 Changeset [140] by sz
introducing the Foraminifera encoding (format 'F')
17:49 Changeset [139] by sz
class renaming + minor corrections


13:59 Changeset [138] by sz
genetic operator example - frams/_demos/genooper_test.cpp
12:58 Changeset [137] by sz
added (c) headers


22:50 Changeset [136] by Maciej Komosinski
renamed conv_test => genoconv_test


12:32 Changeset [135] by sz
neuron layout algorithm (for schematic drawing), usage example in frams/_demos/neuro_layout_test.cpp


14:02 Changeset [134] by mmichalski
First version of viewer without neuron part - fix
14:02 Changeset [133] by mmichalski
First version of viewer without neuron part


23:29 Changeset [132] by Maciej Komosinski
added directory for javascript sources of f0 model viewer
00:01 Changeset [131] by Maciej Komosinski
a better way to save/restore a preprocessor macro, unfortunately not a c++ standard (yet?)


23:27 Changeset [130] by Maciej Komosinski
added a comment about supported platforms
20:21 Changeset [129] by sz
conv_test now uses the DefaultGenoConvManager? which automatically enables all converters (currently f1 and f9), not just the ones explicitly added inside conv_test
20:13 Changeset [128] by sz
warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to char*
20:13 Changeset [127] by sz
bug fixed: all param items having GETONLY accessor must also have PARAM_READONLY flag
17:14 Changeset [126] by sz
minor corrections
17:13 Changeset [125] by sz
17:09 Changeset [124] by sz
Param::save altname argument is now more convenient const char*
17:08 Changeset [123] by sz
Cygwin compatibility
17:07 Changeset [122] by sz
(c)opyright information added


17:14 WikiStart edited by Maciej Komosinski


06:00 Changeset [121] by sz
updated file headers and makefiles
05:31 Changeset [120] by Maciej Komosinski
added sources of the f9->f0 genetic converter


22:01 Changeset [119] by Maciej Komosinski
reorganization of genetic sources (makefiles not updated yet)


02:10 Changeset [118] by Maciej Komosinski
added a comment that explains the role of the multiple evaluation phase
01:56 Changeset [117] by Maciej Komosinski
sample script that demonstrates how to use Framsticks CLI to run multiple experiments with variable parameters


17:27 Changeset [116] by Maciej Komosinski
scripts useful to evaluate efficiency of parallel simulation/evolution and to analyze influence of parallelization parameters
06:01 Changeset [115] by sz
loader_test can now extract raw genotype from a Framsticks file (*.gen/*.expt), which makes it useful in cooperation with other tools, for example: loader_test walking.gen "Basic Quadruped" | theater -g -
05:53 Changeset [114] by sz
improved/bug fixed: delta joint mode (in f0 genotypes) is now triggered by any of dx/dy/dz fields, not just dx
05:47 Changeset [113] by sz
some compilers don't like functions called 'include()'
05:46 Changeset [112] by sz
removed weird };
05:44 Changeset [111] by sz
missing directories (affects make clean)
01:34 Changeset [110] by Maciej Komosinski
reorganization of sources
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