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(edit) @624   7 years konrad New, faster, more flexible and refactored version of the …
(edit) @623   7 years konrad Some minor changes
(edit) @622   7 years konrad Added an option to restrict the tree to first X nodes.
(edit) @621   7 years konrad Rewritten prepos_children to the iterative form + Turned on some debugging
(edit) @620   7 years konrad The parameters should not be case specific anymore, also added some …
(edit) @619   7 years konrad Changed spine and skeleton drawing methods from recurrent to iterative …
(edit) @618   7 years konrad Removed the recurrent version of the tree-drawing method, fixed and …
(edit) @617   7 years konrad Added non-recurrent verion of tree drawing function, …
(edit) @616   7 years Maciej Komosinski Introduced an option to swap (exchange) X and Y axes
(edit) @615   7 years Maciej Komosinski Improved descriptions
(edit) @614   7 years Maciej Komosinski Fixed typos
(edit) @613   7 years Maciej Komosinski Introduced options to flip (invert, negate) X and/or Y axes
(edit) @609   7 years Maciej Komosinski Labels can have colors dependent on label text
(edit) @608   7 years Maciej Komosinski Displays the fraction of variance preserved after MDS
(edit) @607   7 years Maciej Komosinski Updated for new format of dissimilarity matrix (with the optional two …
(edit) @604   7 years Maciej Komosinski Made the amount of jitter a continuous, adjustable parameter
(edit) @603   7 years oriona Integer command line arguments converted to ints in main call.
(edit) @602   7 years Maciej Komosinski - More flexible reading of distance matrices from files - Can also …
(edit) @600   7 years oriona Number of returned dimensions set to minimum of desired number and the …
(edit) @599   7 years oriona Function for computing variances removed.
(edit) @598   7 years oriona MDS algorithm changed to cmdscale. Coordinates export to file added.
(edit) @597   7 years Maciej Komosinski No longer ignores "jitter" and "outname" parameters
(edit) @596   7 years Maciej Komosinski Uncomment to make it work with no graphical backend
(edit) @594   7 years konrad Fixed drawing the spine and the skeleton for the
(edit) @589   7 years konrad Fixed dark lines inside lines in
(edit) @586   7 years konrad Tiny refactoring of
(edit) @585   7 years konrad Added an option for defining colors of crossover / mutation lines from …
(edit) @577   7 years konrad Supporting coloring edges and nodes by type, scalable dots
(edit) @576   7 years konrad Simple scale
(edit) @572   7 years konrad Added crossover and support for Inheritance table (but the table …
(edit) @571   7 years konrad Additional options in, dots and jitter
(edit) @566   7 years konrad Added REAL time option for, renamed previous REAL …
(edit) @565   7 years oriona Script for plotting results of the MDS added.
(edit) @564   7 years konrad some changes to drawing style + non-random dissimilarity + assertion
(edit) @563   7 years konrad updated to the new input format
(add) @562   7 years Maciej Komosinski Added a script to draw genealogical trees based on parent-child …
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