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(edit) @569   7 years oriona Chamber growth visualization time extended. Nutrient energy corrected.
(edit) @568   7 years oriona Used secPerStep values added in help, setPerStep in show set to 50.
(edit) @567   7 years oriona Chamber growth visualization added, [OFFSPRING] message added, refactoring.
(edit) @503   7 years Maciej Komosinski Settings for white background
(edit) @496   7 years oriona Haploid and diploid morphologies changed.
(edit) @493   7 years oriona Microns to frams scaling rate changed. New world size, new log files added.
(edit) @486   7 years sz foraminifera scripts updated to match the upcoming Framsticks version …
(edit) @474   8 years oriona Parameters for time scaling added.
(edit) @454   8 years oriona Show name changed.
(edit) @449   8 years Maciej Komosinski Added a TODO comment
(edit) @448   8 years Maciej Komosinski Avoid unnecessary computation (time scale is determined by simulation …
(edit) @446   8 years Maciej Komosinski Added comments and displaying reference to real-world units: size and …
(edit) @444   8 years oriona Visualization of reticulopodia and nutrients added as an option in theater.
(edit) @442   8 years Maciej Komosinski Set lower initial camera height
(edit) @434   8 years Maciej Komosinski Increased ExpParams?.maxSteps range; safer stopping condition; theater …
(edit) @430   8 years oriona new reticulopodia range implemented, visualization of reticulopodia
(edit) @423   8 years oriona corrected properties definitions, added function for setting show …
(edit) @422   8 years oriona new species added, hibernation added, morphology changed to more …
(edit) @407   8 years Maciej Komosinski More human-friendly high-level description for theater foraminifera …
(copy) @406   8 years Maciej Komosinski Renamed for consistency
copied from experiments/frams/foraminifera/data/scripts/
(add) @401   8 years Maciej Komosinski Extended Foraminifera simulation - physical collisions; visible …
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