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(edit) @247   10 years Maciej Komosinski Sources support both 32-bit and 64-bit, and more compilers
(edit) @242   10 years Maciej Komosinski Added caching of geometry properties (which are costly to compute)
(edit) @239   10 years rgolebiewski Changed type of value returned by some functions (two initializers and …
(edit) @238   10 years Maciej Komosinski Avoid compilation warnings
(edit) @237   10 years Maciej Komosinski Do not use min/max as variable names
(edit) @236   10 years Maciej Komosinski Changed binary literals to macros (some compilers do not support …
(edit) @235   10 years sz Framscript interface class for Model geometry calculation
(edit) @234   10 years sz Trivial changes to avoid compilation warnings about missing return …
(edit) @197   10 years Maciej Komosinski GDK used by developers since 1999, distributed on the web since 2002
(edit) @193   10 years Maciej Komosinski Set svn:eol-style native for all textual files
(edit) @192   10 years Maciej Komosinski Removed unnecessary svn:executable property
(edit) @191   10 years rgolebiewski Added geometry module: calculates model surface area, volume and sizes.
(edit) @183   10 years Maciej Komosinski Improved handling of model properties
(edit) @165   10 years sz Model object does not enforce p.m when new style shape is used
(edit) @153   10 years sz SList container iteration: FOREACH() macro now creates local variable …
(edit) @138   10 years sz genetic operator example - frams/_demos/genooper_test.cpp
(edit) @121   10 years sz updated file headers and makefiles
(edit) @114   11 years sz improved/bug fixed: delta joint mode (in f0 genotypes) is now …
(edit) @110   11 years Maciej Komosinski reorganization of sources
(add) @109   11 years sz source reorganization (see README) new feature added: part/joint …
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