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(edit) @517   8 years Maciej Komosinski Added an example of saving MiniGenotype? objects to a file
(edit) @473   8 years sz - MiniGenotype? extended to handle all Genotype fields contained in …
(edit) @456   8 years sz added libFramsticksSDK.a building rule with the following changes: - …
(edit) @399   9 years sz Added the missing console.h/.cpp files, required by the new LoggerToStdout?.
(edit) @391   9 years sz Moved frams/loggers to common/loggers
(edit) @382   9 years sz Moving frams/virtfile to common/virtfile: - file references updated …
(edit) @375   9 years Maciej Komosinski Renamed logging functions to more intuitive and simple names
(edit) @372   9 years sz Renamed some classes and functions to make their purpose more obvious: …
(edit) @365   9 years Maciej Komosinski Link geno_test with StdoutErrorHandler?'s cpp; do not include cpp as a …
(edit) @353   9 years sz correct source directories (so make can clean all files)
(edit) @351   9 years Maciej Komosinski Renamed simil_match_test.cpp -> simil_unittests.cpp
(edit) @349   9 years oriona implementation of the similarity measure
(edit) @307   9 years Maciej Komosinski Tester/demo for Param loader
(edit) @299   10 years Maciej Komosinski Instead of linking with stdiofile-autoinit.cpp, create an object …
(copy) @288   10 years Maciej Komosinski GDK->SDK, gdk_test.cpp -> genomanipulation.cpp
copied from cpp/frams/Makefile-GDK-files:
(edit) @269   10 years Maciej Komosinski - Model validation checks part/joint shapes for consistency (old/new) …
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