03:16 Changeset [638] by sz
script updated (moveAbs, size_, pos_, center_)
02:21 Changeset [637] by Maciej Komosinski
Extended code so that NeuroClass? properties are described in more detail
01:52 Changeset [636] by Maciej Komosinski
Modulo by zero is safe just as division by zero and prints analogous messages
01:47 Changeset [635] by Maciej Komosinski
Introduced specialized info_* fields in (Mini)Genotype that match FEC fields


16:45 Changeset [634] by sz
Updated for the upcoming Framsticks release - the old Shapes object is now called WireframeAppearance?.


17:58 Changeset [633] by konrad
Added measure of progress (based on regression of time-distances between next children), some minor bug fixes


04:35 Changeset [632] by sz
Updated to avoid using deprecated API (Creature.moveAbs, size_x/y/z, pos_x/y/z, energ0)
04:29 Changeset [631] by sz
Updated the script to use more modern framscript features, most notably creature.data dictionary instead of creature->user1/2/3 Creature properties mapping: old --- new user1[0] --- data->cooldown user1[1] --- data->bonusdamage user2[0] --- data->kills user2[1] --- data->assists user2[2] --- data->damagedealt user2[3] --- data->damagereceived user2[4] --- data->hpcollected user2[5] --- data->upgradecollected user3 --- data->damagefrom


23:53 Changeset [630] by sz
added the option to write a separate "camerapath.inc" instead of updating the source ".pov" files
23:49 Changeset [629] by sz
scientific notation numbers ('e') are floating point, even without a dot
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