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(edit) @1174   6 months Maciej Komosinski Cosmetic
(edit) @1173   6 months Maciej Komosinski Fixed the descriptor distribution similarity measure: we don't want …
(edit) @1172   6 months Maciej Komosinski Introduced EMD_LIMIT_WARNING_MESSAGES to limit the number of warning …
(edit) @1158   12 months Maciej Komosinski Cosmetic/minor improvements
(edit) @1130   18 months Maciej Komosinski Used std::min(), std::max() explicitly to avoid compiler confusion. …
(edit) @1125   18 months Maciej Komosinski Cosmetic
(edit) @1121   18 months Maciej Komosinski Added comments, removed unused variables
(edit) @1120   18 months Maciej Komosinski Used a local random number generator for full determinism. Introduced …
(edit) @1100   19 months Maciej Komosinski Cosmetic / minor fixes
(edit) @1073   20 months oriona Comments added.
(edit) @1072   20 months oriona Switching off the alignment moved.
(edit) @1071   20 months oriona Weighted MDS and switching off the alignment fixed.
(edit) @1070   20 months oriona MDS for one-part creatures fixed.
(edit) @1066   21 months Maciej Komosinski Make names of fields in SimilMeasureGreedy? unique because object …
(edit) @1065   21 months Maciej Komosinski More specific error messages
(edit) @1064   21 months Maciej Komosinski Properly allocated and de-allocated dynamic arrays of size calculated …
(edit) @1063   21 months Maciej Komosinski Updated URL for Yossi Rubner's implementation of EMD
(edit) @1062   21 months oriona Global arrays moved to emd function.
(edit) @1061   21 months oriona Static array removed.
(edit) @1055   22 months Maciej Komosinski Added a workaround (potentially incorrect) for numerical instability …
(edit) @1054   22 months Maciej Komosinski Proper paramtab group names for similarity measures
(edit) @1052   22 months Maciej Komosinski Added a helper function; cosmetic changes in names and descriptions
(edit) @1050   22 months Maciej Komosinski Renamed variables that caused problems with g++ 7.3.0 - C99, 7.1.3 …
(edit) @1048   22 months Maciej Komosinski SimilMeasure? -> SimilMeasureBase?; introduced a new class …
(edit) @1047   22 months Maciej Komosinski Removed no longer used sources
(edit) @1046   22 months Maciej Komosinski Fixed a declaration of a static array with a non-constant size in C++
(edit) @1045   22 months oriona Part of GeometryTestUtils? functions moved to GeometryUtils?.
(edit) @1044   22 months oriona Similarity measures code refactored. Distribution-based similarity …
(edit) @999   2 years Maciej Komosinski More consistent usage of "shapetype" (vs. "shape")
(edit) @972   2 years Maciej Komosinski - separate "0" and "0s" formats (for SHAPE_BALL_AND_STICK and …
(edit) @877   3 years Maciej Komosinski Introduced a shared function to avoid code duplication; more …
(edit) @872   3 years Maciej Komosinski Fixed error messages, changed int to paInt (for 32/64-bit safety), …
(edit) @871   3 years oriona Printfs replaced with error messages.
(edit) @870   3 years oriona Nonexistent function declaration removed.
(edit) @869   3 years Maciej Komosinski Added another, improved way of calculating dissimilarity of two …
(edit) @818   4 years oriona Help to wMDS field added.
(edit) @817   4 years oriona MDS procedure replaced with weighted MDS procedure.
(edit) @782   4 years oriona Typos fixed.
(edit) @666   5 years Maciej Komosinski Added missing #include
(edit) @647   6 years Maciej Komosinski Updated URLs, removed non-ascii characters
(edit) @606   6 years Maciej Komosinski Code formatting
(edit) @605   6 years Maciej Komosinski - Added 'fixedZaxis' option to paramtab (so that it is accessible from …
(edit) @601   6 years oriona Possibility of fixing z axis during the alignment added.
(edit) @492   7 years Maciej Komosinski emscripten compatibility
(edit) @455   7 years oriona Malloc/free replaced by new/delete, pointers-to-vectors changed into …
(edit) @451   7 years oriona Unused INit commented out. Command line information updated.
(edit) @389   7 years Maciej Komosinski Code formatting
(edit) @388   7 years Maciej Komosinski A local PRBS-7 implementation so that this file does not depend on …
(edit) @370   7 years Maciej Komosinski #included file more friendly for *nix'es
(edit) @368   7 years Maciej Komosinski #includes needed for Embarcadero
(edit) @362   7 years Maciej Komosinski Restored object descriptions/docs that were lost
(edit) @361   7 years Maciej Komosinski Signed/unsigned int issues (r352) resolved differently - in most cases …
(edit) @358   7 years Maciej Komosinski Commented out "srand(time(NULL))" - this line would affect everything …
(edit) @357   7 years Maciej Komosinski Set svn:eol-style to native
(edit) @356   7 years Maciej Komosinski Changed default values for weights
(edit) @352   7 years oriona comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions fixed
(edit) @350   7 years Maciej Komosinski Cosmetic
(add) @349   7 years oriona implementation of the similarity measure
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