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geno_fx.h File Reference

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class  Geno_fx
 Base class for genetic operations on genotypes of some genetic format. More...

Return codes for genetic operators

#define GENOPER_OK   0
 operation successful

#define GENOPER_OPFAIL   -1
 operation failed or could not be completed

#define GENOPER_REPAIR   -2
 do not use in Geno_fx. GenMan uses it in checkValidity()... but will not. only f4 uses it

#define GENOPER_NOOPER   -3
 do not use in Geno_fx. GenMan uses it for "no suitable operator for this genotype format"

gene/character predefined styles (for style() method)

#define GENSTYLE_NONE   0
 no style specified (=normal font)

 this char cannot be accepted

#define GENSTYLE_BOLD   2


 strikeout (not recommended)

other useful style/color macros

#define GENRGB(r, g, b)   ((unsigned long)(((unsigned char)(r)|((unsigned short)((unsigned char)(g))<<8))|(((unsigned long)(unsigned char)(b))<<16)))
#define GENSTYLE_RGBS(r, g, b, s)   ((unsigned long)((unsigned char)s)<<24 | GENRGB(r,g,b))
#define GENSTYLE_CS(rgb, s)   ((unsigned long)((unsigned char)s)<<24 | rgb)
#define GENGETSTYLE(style)   ((style)>>24)
#define GENGETCOLOR(style)   ((style)&0x00ffffff)
#define GENCOLOR_TEXT   GENRGB(0,0,0)
 recommended color to use for text genes

#define GENCOLOR_NUMBER   GENRGB(200,0,0)
 recommended color to use for number genes

Detailed Description

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