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Maciej Komosinski
This is a very simple class to illustrate basic genetic operations. To compile this code, you may need some GDK files. For a more sophisticated example of Geno_f4 derived from Geno_fx, refer to the available source on developmental encoding and f4 genotype format.

GTTCCGATC   [mutated 11.1%]
GATCCGATC   [mutated 33.3%]
GATCCGAAC   [mutated 11.1%]
GATCCGAAC   [mutated 0.0%]
GATCCGAAC   [mutated 0.0%]
GATCCGAAC   [mutated 0.0%]
GATCCGAAC   [mutated 22.2%]
GATGCGAAC   [mutated 11.1%]
GATGCGAAC   [mutated 0.0%]
GATGCGAAC   [mutated 11.1%]

Crossing over the last mutant, 
and the simplest genotype
Offspring 1:
        GATGCGAATTCAGATC  (50.0% genes from parent1)
Offspring 2:
        GC  (50.0% genes from parent2)

Checking genotype:
        ATGsomethingCG... error at position 4.
After validation:
...and is YOUR genotype O.K.?

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