Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
blender-povray-animation 630   3 years sz added the option to write a separate "" instead of …
cpp 878   4 days Maciej Komosinski Fixed fputs("") reporting an error in Android MFILE implementation
experiments 847   4 months Maciej Komosinski Code formatting
java 769   14 months sz updated for Framsticks version 5.0rc13 (Model checkpoints, f4 …
js 865   7 weeks Maciej Komosinski Added files needed to compile Framsticks SDK to JavaScript? using Emscripten
mds-and-trees 713   20 months Maciej Komosinski Made error message more specific
scripts 193   5 years Maciej Komosinski Set svn:eol-style native for all textual files
tester 854   2 months Maciej Komosinski Comparing with "None" using "is not" instead of "!="
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