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  • add SimultorProviders? hierarchy
  • start Framsticks server over SSH
  • FJF compatible with Framsticks 4.0rc3
  • reading and writing of standard.expt
  • a proof-of-concept implementation of StandardExperiment?

Optionally return FreeAccess? from registry.

Add SimulatorRange?.

StandardExperiment? with genotypes circulation.

Automate registration around StandardState?.

More improvements to StandardExperiment?.

Skeleton version of StandardExperiment?.

Test saving of StandardState?.

Standard experiment state is being loaded.

More development towards StandardState? reading.

Work on reading standard experiment state.

Add classes for standard experiment.

Update example standard.expt

Add FreeAccess? and FreeObject?.

Made compatible with version 4.0rc3

Change deserialization policy.

Improve SSH support.

Working running simulator over SSH.

Fix joining bug in Experiment.

Working version of SimulatorRunner?.

Add more SimulatorProviders?.

Working PrimeExperimentTest? with 4.0rc3

Add references to deserialization.

Add OpaqueObject? and it's serialization.

Add deserialization of dictionaries.

Partial implementation of deserialization.

Add more tests for deserialization.

Prepare tests for deserialization.

Add proper result to prime experiment test.

Minor fixes to simulators providers.

Draft version of SimulatorProvider?.

Add SimulatorProvider? interface.

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
3        <import class="com.framsticks.standard.StandardExperiment" />
4        <import class="com.framsticks.experiment.SimulatorGroup" />
5        <import class="com.framsticks.experiment.SimulatorRunner" />
6        <StandardExperiment>
7                <SimulatorGroup>
8                        <SimulatorRunner address="localhost:9100" />
9                        <SimulatorRunner address="localhost:9101" />
10                        <SimulatorRunner address="localhost:9102" />
11                </SimulatorGroup>
12        </StandardExperiment>
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