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1# Copyright 2006 by Sean Luke and George Mason University
2# Licensed under the Academic Free License version 3.0
3# See the file "LICENSE" for more information
5parent.0 = framsticks.params
7# When eval.masterproblem is turned on, the system assumes
8# use of the master/slave evaluator.
9eval.masterproblem = ec.eval.MasterProblem
11# Turning this on will provide synchronization
12# information for debugging the master/slave evaluator
13eval.masterproblem.debug-info = true
15# How large should each slave's job queue be?  ECJ will
16# keep slaves' TCP/IP streams filled with jobs even if the
17# slaves haven't processed them yet, which has a significant
18# effect on network performance.  Increasing this number is
19# likely to be more efficient.  Note that once a job is
20# committed to a slave, a brand new slave coming on-line cannot
21# take it -- it'll have to sit and wait, which isn't particularly
22# efficient.  At the very least, it's probably helpful to have 2
23# or 3 jobs in the queue.
24eval.masterproblem.max-jobs-per-slave = 3
26# How large should our job be?  If you're doing ordinary
27# non-coevolutionary evolution, you can specify how many individuals
28# should be placed into a job (maximum) and sent to the slave
29# to be evaluated at one time, using the below parameter.
30# If your individuals are small in size, this can significantly
31# improve the network bandwidth.  If the individuals are large
32# in size, it'll have no real effect.  Furthermore, if your
33# slave is running in 'evolve' mode, this parameter will determine
34# the maximum (and typical) size of the "population" the slave is
35# evolving.  This works for both steady-state and generational evolution,
36# but if you're doing coevolution, the job size is ignored -- instead
37# the job will consist of the individuals to be coevolved together.
38eval.masterproblem.job-size = 2
40# This defines the socket port that the master listens in
41# for incomoing Slaves to connect.
42eval.master.port = 15000
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