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1# Parameter values that make the evaluation of a Framsticks creature deterministic.
2# The values turn off random noise, so evaluation of the same genotype will always yield the same performance.
3# The advantage is that you do not need to evaluate a genotype many times, and performance values are reliable.
4# The disadvantage is that evolved creatures are "overfitting", i.e. rely entirely on the specific environment,
5# and their behavior may be different in any other environment or (even slightly) changed conditions or parameter values,
6# so each creature evolved using these settings must be later inspected using exactly the same setup.
8# Before loading this file, load base settings, e.g. "eval-allcriteria.sim".
9# Put this file in the "data" subdirectory within the Framsticks distribution.
12# always central location in the world:
14# no need to evaluate many times:
16# no random initialization of state in neurons:
18# other noise parameters:
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