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[463]2for %%C in (5,10,25,50,100,200,400,600) do (
3for %%T in (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,16,20) do (
5rem real task: maximize fitness=velocity
[463]6rem frams "ex standard-mt" "ExpParams.threads=%%T;" "ExpParams.capacity=%%C;" "UserScripts.script_Multithreading_efficiency_test_args(0,120,10);" -q >exp-evol-speed\test_%%T_%%C.out
9rem real task: maximize fitness=height
10rem TODO show_evol_vertpos.sim >exp-evol-height\...
13rem no mutation, no crossover, only cloning - so that the same genotype is always evaluated. Useful to measure "raw" efficiency of parallel computation
[463]14rem frams "ex standard-mt" "ExpParams.threads=%%T;" "ExpParams.p_mut=0;" "ExpParams.p_xov=0;" "ExpParams.capacity=%%C;" "UserScripts.script_Multithreading_efficiency_test_args(0,6,10);" -q >exp-evol-speed-nochange\test_%%T_%%C.out
17rem same as above but with a bigger genotype, so that the time spent on script processing is relatively shorter, and more time is used for pure simulation
[463]18rem frams "ex standard-mt" "ExpParams.threads=%%T;" "ExpParams.p_mut=0;" "ExpParams.p_xov=0;" "ExpParams.capacity=%%C;" "UserScripts.script_Multithreading_efficiency_test_args(6,6,10);" -q >exp-evol-speed-nochange-biggeno\test_%%T_%%C.out
21rem keep threads running and only cloning
22frams "ex standard-mt" "ExpParams.threads=%%T;" "ExpParams.capacity=%%C;" "ExpParams.p_mut=0;" "ExpParams.p_xov=0;" "ExpParams.keep_threads_running=1;" "UserScripts.script_Multithreading_efficiency_test_args(3,50,10);" -q >exp-evol-speed-nochange-keeprunning\test_%%T_%%C.out
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