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A library of logic functions, an experiment definition that generates abductive hypotheses, and a script that runs sample experiments

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1The run-abduction.cmd script demonstrates how to use logical abduction experiment definition.
2Experiment parameters are passed as string sequences separated by semicolons.
4Note that logical formulas have to be entered using the prefix format. Symbols
5forming a formula have to be separated by an underscore.
7The logical symbols are:
10N - negation
11K - conjunction
12A - alternative
13C - consequence
15propositional variables available:
18An example:
19A formula '(p or q) => r' in the infix format should be encoded as 'C_A_p_q_r'.
21The first parameter is the abductive goal. Next, there is a list of logical formulas
22separated by whitespaces constituting a database. The last parameter is the output
23file name. The output file name will be suffixed with 'RawHyp', and the file
24will be placed in the '/data/scripts_output/' directory. The file will contain
25a lot of information about the problem and the obtained abductive hypotheses.
28The experiment definition is currently under developement. One of the
29issues which are yet to be solved is the low capacity of the program to solve
30problems which contain many distinct variables (but not occurences of these variables).
31Currently, the script is able to compute in a reasonable time problems
32containg up to four distinct variables. Problems containg more variables may
33take several hours to compute.
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