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Introduced penalty for too complex creatures and saves best genotypes in files for further examination

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2name:Evolve for speed vs gravity
3help:Evolve for speed in different gravity settings
5function main(gravity,min_evaluations)
7        Math.randomize();
8        World.wrldg=gravity;
9        Populations[0].perfperiod=100000; //fitness: velocity serves as distance (because sampling period is longer than lifespan)
10        ExpParams.initialgen="XX[|,1:1][N,1:1,2:1][T][G]";
11        GenePools[0].fitness="""function penalty(count)
12 {
13 var toomany=count-50;
14 if (toomany<=0) return 0; else return -toomany*0.001;
15 }
16 return this.velocity+penalty(this.numparts)+penalty(this.numjoints)+penalty(this.numneurons)+penalty(this.numconnections);""";
18        Simulator.init();
19        //Simulator.print(GenePools[0][0].genotype); //ensure the initialgen is in the gene pool
21        Simulator.start();
22        while (Simulator.running) Simulator.step(); //runs until the experiment stops by itself
23        var best=GenePools[0].best();
24        Simulator.print("%g (x%g) %s" % % best.popsiz % best.genotype);
26        // Now, since we have indeterminism (default.sim used: random initialization of neural states and random placement of creatures),
27        // we cannot trust fitness values that have not been confirmed (averaged) during multiple evaluations.
28        // So we start another phase where we wait until the best genotype is evaluated at least min_evaluations times.
29        // No new genotypes are introduced in this phase.
30        ExpParams.stagnation=0; //turn off stagnation detection mechanism
31        ExpParams.p_mut=0; //we don't want evolution and new genotypes anymore. We only want to evaluate existing genotypes multiple times
32        ExpParams.p_xov=0;
33        Simulator.start();
34        while (Simulator.running && best.popsiz<min_evaluations) //repeat until the best genotype will be evaluated at least min_evaluations times
35        {
36                for(var t=best.lifespan; t>0 && Simulator.running; t--)
37                        Simulator.step(); // simulate 'expected lifespan' steps after which 'best' may have changed. This helps avoid too frequent calls to best()
38                best=GenePools[0].best();
39        }
40        Simulator.stop();
41        Simulator.print("%g (x%g) %s" % % best.popsiz % best.genotype);
43        GenePools[0].clear(); //remove all...
44        best.moveTo(GenePools[0]); //...then restore best...
45"best_%g_%u.expt" % gravity % (0+Math.time)); //...and save it in a file just in case we want to see all of its data
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