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Renamed #defines that conflicted with system-wide defines for Windows (added fF_ prefix), updated ranges for scaling parameters, updated the simplest genotype, formatted sources

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1// This file is a part of the Framsticks GDK.
2// Copyright (C) 2002-2014  Maciej Komosinski and Szymon Ulatowski.  See LICENSE.txt for details.
3// Refer to for further information.
5#ifndef CHAMBER3D_H
6#define CHAMBER3D_H
8//Chamber parameters; see
9class fF_chamber3d
12        float centerX;
13        float centerY;
14        float centerZ;
15        float radius;
16        float holeX;
17        float holeY;
18        float holeZ;
19        float vectorTfX;
20        float vectorTfY;
21        float vectorTfZ;
22        float beta;
23        float phi;
24        double **points;
26        ~fF_chamber3d();
27        fF_chamber3d(float centerX, float centerY, float centerZ,
28                float radius, float holeX, float holeY, float holeZ,
29                float vectorTfX, float vectorTfY, float vectorTfZ, float beta, float phi);
32#endif  /* CHAMBER3D_H */
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