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1// Generated from frams/frams-objects.cpp
2// A header file for the frams-objects library (.dll and .so)
4#ifndef _FRAMS_OBJECTS_H_
5#define _FRAMS_OBJECTS_H_
7#ifdef _WIN32
8#define EXPORTED __declspec(dllimport)
10#define EXPORTED extern
13EXPORTED void init(int argc, char* argv[]);
14EXPORTED void extFree(void* e);
15EXPORTED int extType(void* e);
16EXPORTED void* extFromNull();
17EXPORTED void* extFromInt(int v);
18EXPORTED void* extFromDouble(double v);
19EXPORTED void* extFromString(char* v);
20EXPORTED int extIntValue(void *v);
21EXPORTED double extDoubleValue(void *v);
22EXPORTED char* extStringValue(void *v);
23EXPORTED char* extClass(void* v);
24EXPORTED int extPropCount(void *v);
25EXPORTED char* extPropId(void *v, int i);
26EXPORTED char* extPropType(void *v, int i);
27EXPORTED char* extPropName(void *v, int i);
28EXPORTED int extPropFlags(void *v, int i);
29EXPORTED int extPropGroup(void *v, int i);
30EXPORTED char* extPropHelp(void *v, int i);
31EXPORTED int extPropFind(void *v, char* id);
32EXPORTED void* extPropGet(void *v, int i);
33EXPORTED int extPropSet(void *v, int i, void* e);
34EXPORTED void* extPropCall(void *v, int i, int argc, void* argv);
35EXPORTED int extGroupCount(void *v);
36EXPORTED char* extGroupName(void *v, int i);
37EXPORTED int extGroupMember(void *v, int g, int i);
38EXPORTED int extMemberCount(void *v, int g);
39EXPORTED void* rootObject();
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