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Two sample programs demonstrating usage of param tree

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1# Framsticks application parameter group names, test data for paramtree_stdin_test.cpp
2# usage: paramtree_stdin_test <app_group_names.txt
6Advanced scripting
7Error handling
8Experiment: Parameters
9Experiment: Status
11World: ODE Parameters
12World: ODE Parameters: Creatures Collisions
13World: ODE Parameters: Ground Collisions
15Genetics: Active operators
16Genetics: Neurons to add
17Genetics: f0
18Genetics: f0: Parts
19Genetics: f0: Joints
20Genetics: f0: Neurons
21Genetics: f0: Connections
22Genetics: f1
23Genetics: f1: Morphology
24Genetics: f1: Neuron net
25Genetics: f2
26Genetics: f3
27Genetics: f3: Mutation
28Genetics: f3: Crossover
29Genetics: f4
30Genetics: f9
31Genetics: fF
32Genetics: Conversions
33Creature: Neurons
34Creature: Imperfection
35Creature: Neurons: Enabled
36Creature: Similarity
37Creature: Symmetry
38Creature: Geometry
39Creature: Body constraints
40User scripts
41Experiment: Gene pools
42Experiment: Populations
43Experiment: Gene pools: Initial gene pool
44Experiment: Populations: Live creatures
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