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1#ifndef _GENO_f0Fuzzy_H_
2#define _GENO_f0Fuzzy_H_
4/// Table of probabilities - names used in project facilitate reading
6#define F0Fuzzy_ADDSET   0
7#define F0Fuzzy_REMSET   1
8#define F0Fuzzy_ADDRULE  2
9#define F0Fuzzy_REMRULE  3
10#define F0Fuzzy_MODRULE  4
11#define F0Fuzzy_MOD2RULE 5
12#define F0Fuzzy_COUNT    6
14#include "sstring.h"
15#include "geno_fx.h"
17class Geno_f0Fuzzy : public Geno_fx
20  /** Function finds number of nearest fuzzy (in list of sets) to given fuzzy set
21    \param set fuzzy set to be matched
22    \param sets fuzzy sets list
23    \param setsNr number of fuzzy sets in list
24    @return number of the nearest fuzzy set in sets list
25  **/
26  int nearestSet(double set[4], double sets[], int setsNr);
27  /** Function changes numeration of fuzzy sets numbers in fuzzy rules string, according to transformation table.
28    \param rules fuzzy rules string
29    \param transTable table of fuzzy sets transformation - [old_number]=new_number
30    \param nrItems number of old fuzzy sets
31    @return success or failure
32  **/
33  int changeSetsNumeration(SString &rules, int transTable[], int nrItems);
34  /** Function checks which fuzzy sets are used in rules and removed unused from fuzzy sets string, filling
35    appropriate values into transformation table.
36    \param sets fuzzy sets string
37    \param rules fuzzy rules string
38    \param setsNr number of fuzzy sets (input value: before removing, output value: after removing)
39    \param transTable table of fuzzy sets transformation - [old_number]=new_number
40    @return success or failure
41  **/
42  int removeUnusedSets(SString &sets, SString rules, int &setsNr, int transTable[]);
43  /** Function checks every rule whether input or output number does not duplicace in one rule. If so, removes
44    excessive input or output.
45    \param rules fuzzy rules string
46    \param inputsNr number of system inputs
47    \param outputsNr number of system outputs
48    @return success or failure
49  **/
50  int removeExcessiveInOut(SString &rules, int inputsNr, int outputsNr);
51  /** Function checks rule-based system whether there there is no duplicate rule's premise part. If so, removes
52    excessive one.
53    \param rules fuzzy rules string
54    \param inputsNr number of system inputs
55    \param outputsNr number of system outputs
56    @return success or failure
57  **/
58  int removeExcessiveRules(SString &rules, int setsNr, int &rulesNr);
59  /** Function sorts given fuzzy sets in not decreasing rank.
60    \param set fuzzy set
61    @return success or failure
62  **/
63  int sortSet(double set[4]);
64  /** Function calculates randomly new fuzzy set, using random gauss routines from rndutil.h.
65    \param newSet values (4 numbers) of new fuzzy set
66    @return success or failure
67  **/
68  int computeSet(double newSet[4]);
69  /** Function conducts checkValidity od validate procedures, depending on repair parameter.
70    \param geno given input genotype (if repair=true and needs to be repaired and it was possible to repair,
71    also output genotype)
72    \param repair flag whether repair genotype (if needed) or not
73    @return success or failure
74  **/
75  int checkOrValidate(char *&geno, bool repair);
76  /**
77    Function compares fuzzy sets from two creatures and mark duplicated fuzzy sets.
78    \param fuzzySets1 fuzzy sets from creature #1
79    \param setsNr1 number of fuzzy sets from creature #1
80    \param fuzzySets2 fuzzy sets from creature #2
81    \param setsNr2 number of fuzzy sets from creature #2
82    \param transTable table which remembers numbers of duplicated sets
83    \param setsNr3 number of fuzzy sets from creatures #1 + #2
84    @return success or failure
85  **/
86  int markDuplicatedSets(const double fuzzySets1[], const int setsNr1, const double fuzzySets2[], const int setsNr2, int transTable[], const int setsNr3);
89  double probtab[F0Fuzzy_COUNT]; //table of probabilities - see #define above
90  int maximumSetsNr;    //total number of sets can not be greater than maximum
91  int maximumRulesNr;   //total number of rules can not be greater than maximum
93  Geno_f0Fuzzy();
94  char *getSimplest();
95  int mutate(char *&g, float &chg,int &method);
96  int crossOver(char *&g1, char *&g2, float &chg1, float &chg2);
97  int checkValidity(const char *geno);
98  int validate(char *&);
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