source: cpp/common/loggers/loggertostdout.h

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Improved handling of multiline messages by loggers

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[286]1// This file is a part of Framsticks SDK.
2// Copyright (C) 1999-2015  Maciej Komosinski and Szymon Ulatowski.
3// See LICENSE.txt for details.
[375]5#ifndef _STDOUT_LOGGER_H_
6#define _STDOUT_LOGGER_H_
[375]8#include "loggers.h"
[382]9#include <common/virtfile/virtfile.h>
[375]11class LoggerToStdout : public LoggerBase
[336]13        VirtFILE *file;
[397]15        LoggerToStdout(int opts = 0, VirtFILE *_file = NULL);
[511]16        void handleSingleLine(const char *obj, const char *method, int level, const char *msg);
18        static const char* default_log_format[];
19        static const char** default_log_level[];
20        const char** log_level;
21        const char* log_format;
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