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[122]1// This file is a part of the Framsticks GDK.
2// Copyright (C) 2002-2014  Maciej Komosinski and Szymon Ulatowski.  See LICENSE.txt for details.
3// Refer to for further information.
[109]5#ifndef _FRAMSG_H_
6#define _FRAMSG_H_
8#include <stdarg.h>
[122]10extern const char* MSG_LEVEL[];
12void FMprintf(const char *o,const char *m,int w,const char *bl, ...);
[122]13void FMprintf_va(const char *o,const char *m,int w,const char *bl,va_list va); //a different name than FMprintf - otherwise the compiler could confuse the "string" parameter with va_list and could call the wrong function
14void printFM(const char *bl,...); //a shorthand for printf (a different name again to avoid the risk of confusion with the two functions above. This would be unlikely but possible when the argument types would match)
[109]15void FramMessage(const char *o,const char *m,const char *bl,int w);
17#define FMLV_DEBUG -1
18#define FMLV_INFO 0
19#define FMLV_WARN 1
20#define FMLV_ERROR 2
21#define FMLV_CRITICAL 3
24w: weight (importance) of a message
25-1:debugging information, not needed for final users
260: information
271: warning or corrected error
282: uncorrected error. can cause malfunction
293: serious error, causes side effects. user should save what can be saved and restart the application
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