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1Framsticks SDK was first published by Szymon Ulatowski and Maciej Komosinski in 1999
2as a small part of Framsticks source code, mainly concerned with the processing of genotypes
3(loading, saving, converting between genetic formats, mutating, crossing over, checking,
4validating, highlighting syntax, etc.).
6Since then, new pieces of source code are constantly added to facilitate the interaction
7with the Framsticks project, the usage of its pieces in related applications, and testing.
8In cooperation with the Framsticks authors, other developers were involved in improving
9the existing source code, implementing of ideas and contributing sources:
11        Adam Rotaru-Varga - initial versions of the f4 genetic encoding,
12        Marek Kubiak - initial versions of the similarity measure,
13        Agnieszka Mensfelt - the similarity measure and the SVD,
14        Grzegorz Latosinski - genetic encodings: f4 update, fH, fB, fL,
15        Jakub Sztyma - the fS genetic encoding.
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